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who is this happy guy?

About Rodrigo Baena


Rodrigo is a Happiness Coach, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. He is an author, teacher and speaker, and is certified as a Professional Executive Coach through iPec, in Seattle, Washington, an International Coach Federation accredited coaching school. He founded the Portland Happiness Center in 2014. His primary goal is to help people find greater joy and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.


Brazilian culture is characterized by regular joy-filled family gatherings, a carefree lifestyle that prioritizes people over appointments and never-ending celebrations with their community.


Rodrigo leads engaging and effective wellness workshops, and also conduct one-on-one coaching sessions, via Skype or personally in the Portland, Oregon area. He also collaborates with organizations to strengthen employee relationships, reduce stress and enhance the overall sense of wellbeing and happiness in the workplace.


After living in England for 7 years and traveling throughout Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia he connected deeply not only with people from different cultures but most importantly to himself.  

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