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MEDIA - what they are saying

Thinking Happy Thoughts at Work



Like many workers, Ivelisse Rivera, a physician at Community Health Center, Middletown, Conn., feels stressed-out by mounting workloads. And she didn't expect to get much help during her employer's annual staff meeting last November—just the usual speeches on medical issues.


Instead, she got a big dose of something

new: Happiness coaching...


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What is true happiness in life?



Sharing with you today is a speech from Dr. Richard Teo, a highly successful and wealthy cosmetic surgen in Singapore.


While at his peak of wealth and health (he exercised a lot to maintain a great body and health, see pictures at the end of this post), he felt backache out of no-where,

then he was diagnosed with stage-4 of

lung cancer, which he could only live

a few months left...


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How Happiness Affects Your Health

By Dr. Anjuli Srivastava


In recent years, physicians, psychologists and economists have embarked on a journey to illuminate the connection between joy and wellness. Fascinating research exists, and there is value in understanding the effect of happiness on our lives....


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On Happiness: The Surprising Secret To Living A Happier Life

By Gary Zukav


Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and co-founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute, explains the one quality we all need to develop that will let us live more happily.


The characteristics of an authentically empowered personality are humbleness, clarity, forgiveness

and love...

Where Was I Before I Got There?

by Jocelyn Edelstein


Sometimes I get lost in the dizzying corners of my spinning mind. Do you know that place? Where sensation dulls. Surroundings blur. The day turns into destination points and the body into a mode of transportation. Everything is about getting from point A to B to C until finally the day is complete and checked off like a box on a list. Until finally I’m home. But why is home somewhere I’m constantly...


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Are You Fulfilling Your Life?

by Dr. Betty-Ann Peters


Are you fulfilling Your Life? If not, why not? I met with the most interesting person the other day; his name is Rodrigo Baena from Brazil. I received an email from him that he would be in the area and would like to meet with me to see if I would be interested in holding a workshop at our facility called “One Life”. You know the world is so big...


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