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Non-denominational Premarital Coaching

Non-denominational Premarital Coaching


Before you make the big decision, take some time to learn about yourself and your partner.


To start, schedule your first assessment - the Wheel of Life for Relationship


With that, you will start learning ways to connect with your partner in a higher level. When you are prepared, know yourself and your loved one, you have all the tools to keep growning in a loving and respectful environment.


We suggest to work in your Non-denominational Premarital Coaching session as soon as you decide to marry, meeting with your coach just once a month. After the marriage you meet your coach once every three months (see the "Couples Check-in Coaching" above).

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We take our cars to the mechanic, we learn about new things, we go to college to get new skills, but we just don't spend time to learn about our relationships.


What if you could learn how to have happier relationships?


The key workd is "maintenance".

We propose that every couple should maintain their relationship, working with a counseler, therapist or a coach, every three months.


Our Life Coaching practice for couples operate on the positive side of life. We believe that you don't need to wait until your relationship is broke to start work on it. Prevention and awareness is what makes a long and happy life together.

7 Important Vital Choices for Happy Relationships


1. Practice self-love first.

2. Focus on compatibility.

3. Practice acceptance.

4. Have realistic expectations.

5. Be kind in words and deeds.

6. Be honest.

7. Remember to act.


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Couples Check-in Coaching - the mental higyene for a healthy relationship


Again - maintenance! Come to your "Couples Check-in" every 3 months. You will have a neutral professional part, helping you and your partner to thrive, and live the happiest life together.

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