Rodrigo Baena




Breakfast with a Brazilian:

An Employee Wellness Workshop with a “brasileiro” Flair!

The Brazilian people are friendly and free-spirited, with an incredible zest for life.

They appreciate good food, great friends, and joyous celebrations! I offer an engaging and

creative Wellness Workshop that will nourish the mind, spirit, and body of your employees!


I’m a Brazilian Happiness Coach and my primary goal is to help people find greater joy and

fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. I also collaborate with organizations to

improve engagement, reduce stress and enhance the overall sense of well-being and

happiness of their employees.



Employee wellness has become an increasingly important focus of organizations in the

Public and Private sectors. The most  successful organizations understand the relationship

between employee well-being and happiness and its impact on productivity and  

effectiveness on the job.


Empirical research has shown that employees who are happy and have a strong sense of well-being:

·        Stay at their jobs two times longer  than their less happy colleagues

·        Spend double their time at work focused on what they are paid to do

·        Take ten times less sick leave

·        Are two times more likely to report that they are achieving their full potential

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Employee Wellness Business Package

Part 1:

The fee for this session is paid before the scheduled date of the workshop and provides for curriculum development, planning and logistics for a two to three hour workshop designed to enhance the well- being and happiness of your employees. This provides you the opportunity to review my basic program and collaborate with me so that a workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. I provide a workshop outline  and work with you to customize a program that  aligns with  your organization’s culture.

My basic workshop has references to Brazilian culture and typically incorporates foods, color, music, opportunity for interpersonal connection, and time for thought provoking questions that link employee well-being and happiness to productivity and effectiveness.

Note: Once your payment is received, a representative will contact you to schedule Curriculum Development sessions with me. If you would like more information before scheduling a curriculum development session, feel free to contact me by clicking here.


Part 2:

The second part is paid at the conclusion of the Wellness Workshop and is for the facilitation and presentation services. My fee is all-inclusive. Major cards and cheques accepted.

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