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Portland might be quirky, but that doesn't mean it's happy.


The City of Roses was ranked America's most unhappy city in 2009 by BusinessWeek and twelfth for suicides in 2011 by Business Insider.


Rodrigo Baena is on a mission to change that. The Brazilian life coach aims to reach 100,000 Portlanders with a simple message: Happiness takes work, and it's all about your personal connections.

Happiness is Money!

Well-Being for your Company

Ready to take your company to

the next level?


Working on well-being of your company and employees brings many beneficts, appart from more productivity.


According to Dr. Morley Glicken, there is a relationship between happiness at work and doing better on the job. A number of research studies seem to suggest that happy workers are also more productive, more successful, and more likely to benefit financially.

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